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Jewelry Care Instructions

Silver Care

1) Keep it dry: Sterling silver can tarnish/turn black if being exposed to moisture and high humidity or being stored without drying properly. Carefully dry jewelry after wearing, by wiping with a soft cloth to remove any sweat/moisture and debris. 

2) Separate, Seal, Store: Store each individual item of your precious silver jewelry in a separate, airtight ziploc bag. Silver tarnishes when exposed to moisture and sulfur containing gases in the air. Wiping each piece of jewelry dry and storing it in a sealed bag prevents tarnishing. Separating individual pieces ensures that they don’t get tangled, and more importantly, prevents precious stones or delicate carvings from rubbing against other pieces and getting damaged/losing their finish. 

3) Soft is best: Polishing is an integral part of keeping your 92.5 sterling silver jewelry sparkling like new. Clean with a soft cotton cloth occasionally. We recommend investing in a specialized jewelry polishing cloth, which ensures the best cleaning without scratching the silver or gemstones.

4) Chemicals are no friend: As far as possible, keep your silver jewelry away from lotions, makeup, and cleaning agents. The chemicals in these can be abrasive to your jewelry . Remove jewelry while bathing, swimming, or while doing household chores. Fragrance can be worn 15 minutes before wearing the jewelry. Wear it after your makeup is done.