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1. Choose your Anklet Size

  • Your perfect Anklet length depends on your preference – Consider the anklet is not too tight to avoid any damage to the skin due to pressure when moving.
  • Loose fit – Wear the anklet loose, so it hangs down and moves more while walking.
  • Snug fit – Wear the anklet short, so it does not move too much while walking.
  • Verify anklet length -Measure the circumference of your ankle, using a measuring tape.

2. Measure using a Ribbon / Thread

  • Using a ribbon or thread, measure the preferred position of your ankle where you would like your anklet.
  • Place the ribbon or thread on a ruler / measuring tape to find the circumference in Centimeters and compare this to the length of the anklet of your choice.
  • If your anklet size, falls between two sizes, consider the larger size to avoid cuts.
  • Tip – Avoid using elastic / stretchy material for measuring, which can yield inaccurate measurements.